What you can get from farming and gardening?

Gardening is to grow plants and trees. You can do gardening either in lawn of your house or in balcony by keeping small pots and bottles in which you can bury seeds and water them daily or regularly to grow them. 

There are many benefits of growing plants and climbers at home. Some of them are:

  1. Greenry: Gardening has so many benefits but one of the biggest benefit is that it makes your home green. Green is the colour of peace. It gives you peace and relaxation. It decorates your home naturally with its colour and shades. Yet, you need to take care of them unless your house will look like a forest. And it is easy to take care of them. All you have to do is to be alert and use such pots and materials which are easy to be taken care of. 
  2. Fresh air: plants are great source to get fresh air. If your house has numerous plants, then you would have fresh air and oxygen. Oxygen is the main food of humans. It is recommended food whose absence can make you died and presence keep you alive and active. It is the immense supply of oxygen that can lift your mood up and absence it minimum presence can make your mood off. It can reduce the problems of Oxidative stress and let you feel healthy and fine. 
  3. Save money: If you would grow veg and fruits at home then you can save a lot of money too. You can use that money in buying books and other stuff you like the most. You can buy seeds and your stuff both because seeds are not expensive. You can even save them for your tuition fees or to buy iPhone or laptop in new year sale. 
  4. Learning: Gardening is a complete skill. You cannot grow all plants and edible items in one way. Every plant has specific method to grow. Therefore, it requires a lot of learning.  This learning will keep you growing and keep your mind fresh and young. You will be required to read about vertical farming Dubai and hydroponics farming in UAE and many other things to attain expertise and ability to grow every plant successfully. 

Active: Humans have instinct to move. And gardening let them to move a lot. Therefore, it keeps then active and alert at the levels of mind, soul, and body. It let them feel fresh and productive.